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$10 million LA settlement first since document release


While Cardinal Roger Mahony entered the Sistine Chapel in Rome Tuesday to begin the process of electing the next pope, his name made headlines in his home diocese for other reasons.

The cardinal, the Los Angeles archdiocese and an ex-priest agreed to settlements in four clergy abuse-related cases, totaling $9.9 million. The settlements are the first since the late January court-ordered release of 12,000 pages of abuse-related documents, and Mahony’s ban from public and administrative duties in the archdiocese.

LA's Mahony: Humiliation involves 'being scapegoated'


For the third time in the past week, Cardinal Roger Mahony has written of the humiliation he has experienced since being publicly disgraced for his handling of priests accused of sex abuse in the 1980s.

Reflecting on the matter on his personal blog Wednesday, Mahony obliquely refers to his experience as a "painful and public humiliation, which is spiritually a grace-opportunity."

Mahony writes that he has "tried to live out -- poorly and inadequately far too often" two "implications of humiliation:"

LA's Mahony: Lenten journey involves 'suffering,' 'false accusations'


Cardinal Roger Mahony, who was been publicly disgraced for his handling of priests accused of sex abuse in the 1980s, has written that his personal Lenten journey involves suffering and "never protesting misunderstandings, and never getting angry because of false accusations."

Reflecting on the prophet Isaiah's passage on the suffering servant, Mahony writes that the passage is "important for all of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ since we are called to imitate his words, actions, and life."

Mahony: I feel 'humiliated,' 'disgraced'


Cardinal Roger Mahony, the retired archbishop of Los Angeles who was been publicly disgraced in past weeks over his handling of priests accused of sex abuse in the 1980s, has written that he is "asking for the grace to endure the level of humiliation."

"Given all of the storms that have surrounded me and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles recently, God's grace finally helped me to understand," Mahony writes in a post on his blog last night.

Sex abuse becomes legacy of Los Angeles cardinal


Before his name became connected with failing to adequately address clergy abuse of minors, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles was better known for his reputation as one of the nation's leading church advocates of social justice, particularly for farmworkers and immigrants.

As a young priest in Fresno, Calif., during the 1965-70 Delano Grape Strike, Mahony became a nationally known figure.

Los Angeles archbishop's rare move likely first sign of troubles to come


Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez's public rebuke of his predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahony, at the end of January was quickly described as unprecedented.

Sharply critiquing Mahony's handling of sex abuse cases after the long-delayed release of church files made clear the cardinal had shielded abusive priests from public scrutiny and possibly law enforcement at the expense of children's safety, Gomez announced Jan. 31 that his predecessor would "no longer have any administrative or public duties" in the archdiocese.



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