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On the outside chance some NCR readers might have missed some of Pope Francis' tweets, I've gathered some of them here. These nuggets of spiritual wisdom date back to mid-May: 

We cannot live as Christians separate from the rock who is Christ. He gives us strength and stability, but also joy and serenity.

A Christian is never bored or sad. Rather, the one who loves Christ is full of joy and radiates joy.

Let’s learn to lose our lives for Christ, like a gift or a sacrifice. With Christ we lose nothing!

Low expectations for Vatican bank commission


The appointment of a papal commission by Pope Francis to examine the Vatican Bank has been greeted in the media as a bold move and a key step in reforming the bank. I wish I could be as enthusiastic.

To me it looks like the traditional Vatican approach to dealing with a PR problem: Appoint a committee, mostly clerics, who have no expertise in the topic under study and ask them to come back with a report.

Sorry, we expect more from this papacy.

Pope Francis tells journalists to attack hypocrisy


Journalists should “be uncompromising against the hypocrisies which result from the closed, the sick heart,” said Pope Francis to a group of Jesuit journalists. “Be uncompromising against this spiritual illness.”

Telling journalists to attack hypocrisy might sound suicidal to most church leaders, especially after more than two decades of investigative journalism on the sexual abuse crisis, but it shows how much Pope Francis hates the vices he believes undermine the Gospel message: clericalism, careerism and hypocrisy.



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