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Update on Pope Francis' ring


As part of his inauguration to his papal ministry Tuesday, Pope Francis received a special signet ring, the seal of which is used to signify approval of special Vatican documents.

All popes wear a special ring, named the fisherman's ring after Peter's initial job as a fisherman. 

Initial reports on Francis' ring, a gold-plate silver band with a small face carrying a relief image of a bearded St. Peter holding the symbolic keys to heaven, were a bit confused.

The world watches the elevation of Pope Francis


The world is watching every move Pope Francis makes. All are united in hoping for and praying for a successful new beginning for Francis and the church of Rome. Progressive and conservative Catholics alike are searching for signs of renewal from our new pope. There appears to be common ground on many issues at this time among the most conservative and the most liberal of Catholics.

Pope Francis uses recycled ring from era of Paul VI


There is an update to this blog: Update on Pope Francis' ring.

As his formal signet, Pope Francis will be using a silver and gold ring previously owned by the private secretary of Pope Paul VI, the Vatican confirmed Monday afternoon.

All popes wear a special ring, named the fisherman's ring after Peter's initial job as a fisherman. 

Pope Francis should be advised to push for peace


Imagine getting a call from Pope Francis asking for your advice concerning the most important issues facing the Catholic church and the world.

If he asked you what kind of pope the church and world need at this moment in history, what would you say to him?

Well, if our new Holy Father asked me that question, I would first suggest he deeply reflect on the challenge given to him by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, dean of the College of Cardinals.

Is Pope Francis still a Jesuit?


Jesuits have always had a special relationship to the pope. It started when St. Ignatius was not able to follow his dream of preaching the Gospel to Muslims in the Holy Land. When he arrived in Jerusalem without a cent in his pocket, the Franciscans shook their heads and told him to go home. Thank God for the Franciscans! They were in charge of the Holy Land and obviously had more sense than he did.



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