Pope Francis

Internet abounds with humorous depictions of new pope


Many have commented on the differences between Pope Francis and previous popes, pointing to the choice of the name Francis, one of the most iconic saints in Catholicism, and his simple lifestyle since he became a Jesuit priest.

Here are a few cartoons and memes, or viral Internet trends, that not only portray these sentiments, but will make you chuckle as well.

This meme highlights the simple hello Pope Francis gave to the crowd upon his introduction Wednesday.

Pope Francis: the first Space/Information Age pope


A high tide of conventional analysis of Pope Francis -- is he conservative or progressive, a reformer in fact or a pastor at heart -- misses the central significance of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation and Pope Francis' election. They constitute one event whose meaning cries out for our attention but is drowned out by the re-enactment in our time of the myth of Babel, in which Yahweh turned the talk of the self-important tower builders (TV towers today) into babble.

In U.S., Jesuit pride pours for Pope Francis


When Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina stepped onto the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Catholic world met its first Jesuit pontiff.

The Society of Jesus formed in 1540 under St. Ignatius of Loyola, but never before had one of its members served the church as the Bishop of Rome. Part of that was due to the order’s oath of obedience to the pope, but also to Ignatius’ own requirement not to seek advancement. Add in past Vatican suspicion of the society, it became somewhat surprising to many American Jesuits that one of their priests ascended to the Throne of Peter.

European bishops: 'Immense joy' for Pope Francis


The Council of European Bishops' Conferences, which represents the 33 bishops' conferences on the continent, has said it welcomes Jorge Mario Bergoglio's election as Pope Francis with "immense joy" and feels a "pressing need" for the promotion of unity among Christians, especially on environmental issues.

Francis is the first non-European pope in 1,200 years and the first pope from the southern hemisphere.



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