April 22-May 5, 2016

Stories of the lives and deaths of writers


ss04222016p08pha.jpgDIMESTORE: A WRITER'S LIFE
By Lee Smith
Published by Algonquin Books, 224 pages, $24.95

Before Lee Smith became a writer, she was an avid reader, encouraged by her mother, who read to her from babyhood. Smith developed wide-ranging tastes in books, although she says she didn't read casually or for information. She read to feel "all wild and trembly inside."

With and within us


During that period of church history when believers found the interim between Jesus' advents stretching into months, then years, then decades, they knew they had to deal with the facts. The apostolic eyewitnesses to Jesus were already dead, or soon would be. The movement was growing beyond Judah and Samaria unto the "ends of the earth." Heresies and false teachers threatened the unity of the community and the integrity of the deposit of the faith.



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