Jan 18-31, 2013

Just a job or a vocation?


What do you do for a living? This is a common question, easily answered: “I’m a teacher, nurse, architect, chef, accountant, lawyer,” etc. Each answer points to a personal choice and suggests years of study and preparation in a specific field. Each job provides individuals with a means of supporting themselves and those they love. At times, however, even the best of jobs can become a necessary but tedious chore.

Real presence


It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of today’s second reading. Paul’s insights give us the foundation for understanding the presence of the risen Jesus among us: an essential part of early Christian experience.


NRA's school scenario is a delusional fantasy


At Wilson High School in Washington, where I've been teaching peace studies classes for 28 years, armed police patrol the halls. They carry Glocks, a high-powered handgun not to be messed with. The police wear bulletproof vests. At the front door, officers, along with a phalanx of non-police guards, check for weapons as students pass through one of three metal detectors.



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