June 16-29, 2017

Preview: Play draws Mary from Bible and Quran


If the political discourse of the last year contained any theological lesson, it's that Americans could benefit from greater religious literacy. One place to start might be to examine which stories our faiths share in common.

That is the hope of "Mary/Maryam," a new play by Victoria Rue that explores the life of the mother of Jesus as she is presented in the Christian Scriptures and in the Quran.

Pope spends day in Genoa talking jobs, witness, migration


Condemning an economy that encourages speculation more than entrepreneurship, warning priests and religious that they share responsibility for the vocations crisis and telling young people they are right to be puzzled by nations that close their doors to people fleeing persecution, Pope Francis spent a busy day in Genoa.

Besides being packed with pastoral appointments, the pope's visit to the northern Italian port city May 27 also was emotional. He told workers in a struggling steel plant that it was from the Genoa port that his father and grandparents immigrated to Argentina.



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June 16-29, 2017