Oct 11-24, 2013

Biblical faith


After having taught Scripture for almost 50 years, I'm still puzzled by one constant phenomenon: Some people find God's inspired word to be one of the most important aspects of their faith, while others can live their faith very well without it.

Experiences of God


When I began studying Scripture years ago, I also began giving some scriptural confessional penances. But I'd always first inquire, "Do you have a Bible?"

If there was any hesitancy in the response, I'd relieve the tension by lightheartedly suggesting, "Maybe, as a birthday gift next year, you could buy yourself a Bible. But in the meantime ..."


From the edges inward


As my colleague and friend Dennis Coday, NCR editor, reported in this space (NCR, Sept. 13-26), the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has awarded the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company a $2.3 million grant over three years to expand our coverage of women religious and to amplify Catholic sisters' voices around the globe. The grant will require some internal company changes as we work to build our coverage networks.



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