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Addressing U.S., global child malnutrition a top priority for advocates


In 2008, the community dedicated to ending hunger globally was rocked when the prestigious medical journal The Lancet published its first series on maternal and childhood nutrition, showing that more than a third of child deaths and 11 percent of the rate of disease worldwide was the result of mothers and children being malnourished.

"It gave the community its marching orders," said Yesenia Garcia of 1,000 Days.

From the information gathered by the journal emerged an image of the vital importance and lasting impact good nutrition has on a child's earliest development.

Judiciary Committee approval moves immigration bill on to full Senate

Advocates for comprehensive immigration reform expressed optimism and hope for a law to pass this summer after the Senate Judiciary Committee May 21 finished wading through 300 proposed amendments - accepting about a third of them - and passed the massive bill on to the full Senate.

Comments lauding the committee's effort came from faith groups, young adults who would benefit from the DREAM Act, which is included in the bill, and even from a Catholic bishop in Ireland.

Vermont now 'death state' with doctor-assisted suicide law, bishop says


Now that Vermont allows doctor-prescribed suicide, "the magnificent landscape of this state, which echoes life from its majestic mountains to its powerful waterways, no longer is reflected in the laws which govern the Green Mountain State," said the head of the statewide Diocese of Burlington.

Revisiting 'Pacem in Terris' personally after 50 years


At a lunch with an old friend this Tuesday [April 10] I reminded him how much Pope John XXIII’s 1963 encyclical, Pacem in Terris (“Peace on Earth”) had changed our lives.

In 1970 both of us – he from Brooklyn, I from the Diocese of Fargo, N.D. – left Theological College, the U.S. bishops’ national seminary at The Catholic University of America.

With the low-salary entry-level jobs typical for ex-collegians with liberal arts/philosophy/theology majors, we and a third ex-seminarian joined up to share an inexpensive apartment in the Washington suburbs.



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