Tilling the Earth

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Art by Julie Lonneman


We till the earth,
We tend the ground.
Sowing hope and peace
Where none is found.
In selfless love
God's life abounds
We till the earth,
We tend the ground.

Take time to listen to a new hymn, Tend the Ground, inspired by "Laudato Si': on Care for Our Common Home."

Notice how you feel as you listen to the song. Are there particular lyrics that speak to you?


Meditate on a word or phrase from the song today as you walk outside or eat meals.

Lenten Daily Food Reflections
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Editor's note: These daily reflectinos on food, faith, climate and our lives will provide spiritual sustenance for the Lenten journey. They are inspired by the Lenten Food Waste Fast at the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

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