We're Called to "Be Bread"

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"Be the one who, when you walk in,

Blessing shifts to the one who needs it most.

Even if you've not been fed,

Be Bread."

– Rumi

"Every Eucharist includes time for an offering of gifts. Here in the U.S., that's almost always the moment to contribute money. I've experienced other cultures where it can include contributing fresh produce from one's farm or home-baked goods to share."

– "Even if you've not been fed, be bread" by Marilyn Lacey, Global Sisters Report


As many people are celebrating mass from their homes due to coronavirus, consider baking bread this weekend to eat yourself or to share with loved ones in your home. This simple bread recipe only uses 5 ingredients and does not require yeast. 

Lenten Daily Food Reflections

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Editor's note: These daily reflections on food, faith, climate and our lives will provide spiritual sustenance for the Lenten journey. They are inspired by the Lenten Food Waste Fast at the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

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