What is happening somewhere else affects us all

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"We are all linked in some way, what is happening somewhere else affects us all."

Cyril Piou, French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development


"The desert locust is among the most dangerous migratory pests in the world...One ton of locusts eats as much food in one day as about 10 elephants, 25 camels or 2,500 people."

 "Massive locust infestation spreading across East Africa," Oxfam 


"The FAO has warned that the food security of 25 million people could be endangered by the locusts, which according to the agency's locust monitoring service have been spotted in at least 10 countries over recent months."

"Locust crisis poses a danger to millions, forecasters warn," The Guardian

As we reflect on food, faith and climate this Lent, an unprecedented locust infestation in East Africa threatens the food security of millions of people. An increase in cyclones near Yemen and Oman has given locusts a fertile breeding ground and climate change has created these favorable conditions. This situation demonstrates that the overconsumption of resources by some threatens the livelihood of those who consume the least. Learn more about the cause and potential consequences of the infestation. 

Notice how you feel as you read about the "plague of locusts" that threatens our global neighbors. Have an honest conversation with God in light of this situation. Are you being called to uniquely respond in your own community or context? If so, how?


We pray for all people affected by the locust infestation, for an end to the war in Yemen, which has caused instability and prevented management of the infestation, and that those countries and people who contribute the most carbon emissions will experience a conversion of heart and remember that we are all connected and called to care for each other. 

Consider donating to Oxfam or any other organization you support that is working to address the intensifying locust crisis in the Horn of Africa. 

Lenten Daily Food Reflections

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Editor's note: These daily reflections on food, faith, climate and our lives will provide spiritual sustenance for the Lenten journey. They are inspired by the Lenten Food Waste Fast at the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

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