The gift of contemplative prayer -- 3 of 4

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Fr. Thomas Keating

Episode 3: Encountering silence (19 min.)
Silence is so much an aspect of the spirituality of the old and New Testament. Everything comes out of silence and returns to it. So it should be a part of education," Fr. Keating said. "It is through the practice of silence that we begin to become vulnerable to the true self and the supernatural organism we receive with grace and baptism. … We think that even preschoolers should be introduced to silence," Fr. Keating tells Tom Fox. He also discusses original sin.

This is an encore presentation. This podcast was first aired in December 2007.


The gift of contemplative prayer
Trappist Fr. Thomas Keating speaks on the ancient and modern origins of contemplative prayer, which he calls Centering Prayer, and its place in our lives. He sees contemplative prayer as a gift from God, allowing us to open to the Spirit in a deeper and much needed way.

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