Copy Desk Daily, Feb. 12, 2019

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For decades, Fr. Xavier Arbex has been warning leaders and journalists about the consequences of illegal gold mining in Peru. Despite his cautions, and even the pope's 2018 visit, the hunt for gold continues. As Arbex tells Religion News Service, the illegal mining turns jungle into wasteland, exploits workers and perpetuates sex trade in the area. 

Read: Environmentalist priest in Peru says little has changed since pope's visit

"They finally got a yes," Peter Feuerherd writes. The New York state legislature has approved changes to the state's statute of limitations for victims of sex abuse.  The changes would enable victims to file criminal charges until age 55. The current limit restricts lawsuits to those under the age of 23.

Read: New York state set to extend statute of limitations on child sex abuse

At Global Sisters Report, Dawn Araujo-Hawkins talks with Emily Kahm about the American Catholicism course that Kahm teaches as part of her fellowship at Augustana College, a Lutheran school in Rock Island, Illinois. Kahm focuses the course on the contributions of women religious. One of the course requirements: Interviewing a Catholic sister.

Read: Q & A with Emily Kahm, a theology teacher with a focus on sisters

"We know that trauma impacts the brain even in utero and it impacts the wiring of the brain, but we know the brain can be rewired. It can heal." 

Read: Advocacy centers help abuse victims tell their story, regain trust, heal

In the latest Eco Catholic blog post, Donna Schaper observes, "Transitioning out of fossil fuels is going to take all the hope we have." She offers "pictures of what we need spiritually to transition the New Green Deal dreams into reality."

Read: Spirituality for making the Green New Deal a reality

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