Copy Desk Daily, July 30, 2020

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NCR national correspondent Christopher White looks into how Joe Biden's Catholic roots have shaped his public life. From a childhood in Catholic schools, to allying with nuns to pass the Affordable Care Act, to finding solace in the face of family tragedy, Catholicism has long played a major role for the former vice president. His presidential campaign is hoping his personal story and Catholic faith will offer stark moral contrast to Donald Trump.

In this election year, will we find a Hobson's choice or a new beginning? Sr. Joan Chittister proposes we consider leadership criteria from 15 centuries ago — as described in the Rule of St. Benedict, "On the Qualities of the Abbot." What if we sought those same qualities in a U.S. president?

The phrase "back to school" has taken on life-or-death connotations. Private schools are talking about going back to in-person classes, but NCR's editorial today argues that Catholic schools should be a pro-life model: Let's not put schools on the front line in this pandemic.

India extended its COVID-19 lockdown, and many took to the streets to find food. Sr. Lavina D'Souza and her fellow Canossian sisters organized food provisions to help. Meanwhile, she writes, India has metric tons of food in storage. In her column for GSR, she enumerates ways that, in India, scarcity is real and takes many forms

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