Copy Desk Daily, April 1, 2020

Our team of copy editors reads and posts most of what you see on the websites for National Catholic Reporter, Global Sisters Report and EarthBeat. The Copy Desk Daily highlights recommended news and opinion articles that have crossed our desks on their way to you.

The church after coronavirus: How our communities are changing: "The coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally changing how we do and be church." This apt sentence begins a new series, in which NCR surveyed two dozen theologians, pastors and nonprofit leaders to find out what these changes mean for Catholics. The series begins with questions of community.

'Unbelievers' is an engaging historical treatment of doubt, disbelief: Bill Tammeus calls Alec Ryrie's new book on the history of unbelief "a good guide," as Ryrie thinks "the old struggle between belief and unbelief is not over. It has simply entered a new phase."

Pandemic crisis reveals impoverished understanding of solidarity: "I hope that some brilliant researcher will find a cure for the coronavirus," Michael Sean Winters writes. "Today, let's try slaying some of the ideological stupidities the crisis has brought into focus."

Despite the consensus from medical professionals, several commentators and a cardinal have called for churches to remain open. Daniel P. Horan refutes these proposals, which he finds "abhorrent." His column examines love of God and love of neighbor amid the coronavirus pandemic: For the love of God (literally), stay home, be safe and pray.

Lastly, if you could use some hope and connection: NCR readers share acts of kindness, part two.

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