Copy Desk Daily, April 2, 2019

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Amid reports of a crisis on the southern border caused by unusual amounts of arriving migrants, Catholic advocates say to look beyond the statistics and government narratives.

You know there's more to the story: Look past the stats: Catholic advocates fault US policies for border crisis

Carol Luebering, a writer for NCR's longtime comprehensive pastoral resource, remembers well the words of a dying dear friend. "We had been talking about the friends and the happy times we had shared," she writes in today's Daily Lenten Reflection. "At the end of our conversation, Kay spoke words that remain with me: 'I'm not afraid and I'm not angry anymore. It's just that you know what you have here and it's hard to leave.' "

Read more during Lent: here.

Michael Leach, of "Soul Seeing," has the sweetest marriage. He writes, "Miracles come to everyone, but we're so preoccupied with thoughts of what we want and how we want it and when we want it that we don't recognize them. They may as well never have happened."

Catch up with him and Vickie: Deserve's got nothin' to do with it

Reaction to recent revelations of spiritual and sexual abuse of nuns by priests: The documentary "Abused Sisters: The Other Scandal of the Church," shown by the Franco-German public TV channel ARTE on March 5, was a shock for many viewers, including Catholics.

Hear from an expert: Q & A with Sr. Véronique Margron, leader of religious addressing abuse crisis

"Within the church, religious life lost the prophetic and creative audacity. We have not become aware of the gravity and the share of responsibility that we have had in this painful and conflictive situation," said Company of Mary Sr. Liliana Franco, president of the Caribbean and Latin American religious confederation (CLAR).

How abuse is being handled: Meeting of Latin American religious gets perspective on Chile abuse crisis

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