Copy Desk Daily, April 23, 2019

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From our sister publication: A Place to Call Home, a new series focusing on women religious helping people who are homeless. Read more

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon is setting his providential magic on the Vatican, taking a shot at the pope, with the help of wealthy American and European friends. His populist nationalism remains an uneasy concept to fit into a Catholic framework.

Read our editorial: Bannon's emerging anti-Francis movement threatens church unity

NCR is continuing to share Celebration's reflections into the Easter season.

Read Melissa Nussbaum's: God is free to act against our expectations

People still have faith in the cause of nonviolence. "Nonviolent strategies should be the centerpiece to the church's approach to issues of war and peace and violence," said San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy, who said it "would be helpful if the magisterium and the pope move toward a much fuller mainstreaming of the concept of nonviolence as an active force in the world as the central Christian response to elements of armed conflict and military engagement."

Read: Vatican's second conference on nonviolence renews hope for encyclical

Sr. Jean Bellini of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester, New York, has lived in Brazil since 1976. She is one of the three coordinators of the Comissão Pastoral da Terra (Pastoral Land Commission), a Catholic organization that supports peasants and landless people. ​GSR interviewed Bellini in the tiny town of Anapu in the state of Pará in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, one of the most violent regions in the inner Brazil. Less than 24 hours later, Bellini accompanied the third public hearing of the eight controversial criminal charges against Fr. José Amaro. According to Bellini, the threats to Amaro are similar to the attacks suffered by Sr. Dorothy Stang, a close friend of Amaro's, before the Sister of Notre Dame de Namur was killed in 2005, also in Anapu, at the age of 74.

Read: Q & A with Sr. Jean Bellini, side by side with landless people in the heart of the Amazon region

Colman McCarthy has been a volunteer teacher for 34 years. In light of the recent college admissions scam and suits, he asked his high school students about their own college application process. What they wrote was heartfelt, honest and, in some cases, alarming in how deep was their anguish.

Read: The honest way to get into college is tough

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