Copy Desk Daily, July 22, 2020

Recommended for you today, from the NCR/GSR/EarthBeat copy desk:

"Haiti is often a forgotten country. It seems only an earthquake or a hurricane wakes us up to remember, oh, yes, Haiti is our next-door neighbor, only an hour's flight from Florida. But this time, as COVID-19, another disaster, raises havoc there, it has not made much of an impact on us. We hear about Europe, Asia and Africa but little about Haiti, our close neighbor." So writes GSR's liaison, Presentation Sr. Joyce Meyer. Read her account of how people in Haiti are coping.

In A Saint of Our Own, Kathleen Sprows Cummings explores clergy, women religious and the inner workings of church politics, asking questions about American identity and citizenship and the importance of memory and historic preservation. Read this new review by Mary Beth Fraser Connolly, author of Women of Faith: The Chicago Sisters of Mercy and the Evolution of a Religious Community.

The new report by the State Department's Commission on Unalienable Rights is the latest battleground over human rights. It has provoked a range of utterly typical reactions. Read the commentary "Unalienable rights are still unassailable despite Pompeo" by Michael Sean Winters.

Franciscan Br. Daniel P. Horan: "Over the years, I have come to see the dozens of daily benefits my perceived whiteness affords me, many of which are the ways I am spared of judgment, harassment, threats and discrimination." Read his latest Faith Seeking Understanding column, "Running while white."

Rose Daudi Mmbaga is a Grail sister of Tanzania who ministers in the Maasai community of northern Tanzania. Read her column, featuring a number of great photographs from the region.

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