Copy Desk Daily, July 28, 2020

Recommended for you today, from the NCR/GSR/EarthBeat copy desk:

NCR talks to Catholic activists in Portland, Oregon, about their call to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that have been going on there for more than two months. We also look at the response of Archbishop Alexander Sample. Read: Catholics join protests and 'Wall of Moms'

"I wrote the story to reveal how a Catholic nun has been contributing for students from all faiths," said Shamima Sakendar. She's talking about her story about Holy Cross Sr. Shikha Laetitia Gomes, who helped her get an education in Bangladesh. The story was made into a poignant 12-minute film, which Sakendar hopes will help spread religious tolerance and harmony. (She's a Muslim in a country where Christians often are persecuted by Muslims, who make up 89% of the population.) This Q&A with her includes a link to the film, which is free to watch.

An investigation reveals why the Center for Disease Control's efforts to prevent heat deaths have faltered. EarthBeat brings this to you as a co-publication with Columbia Journalism Investigations, the Center for Public Integrity and Covering Climate Now. Read how Deadly heat is killing Americans.

This is a somewhat technical but very straightforward commentary by Jesuit Fr. James Keenan about why The church needs women cardinals (and why it's not at all impossible).

The history of Black Catholics in the U.S. is a dramatic mix of struggles and breakthroughs, but it has been largely ignored in the curriculum of Catholic schools. Will that change? Read more.

In case you missed it: U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's stunning 10-minute speech on the House floor last week has been called a lot of things, including "a lesson in sexism and decency." Heidi Schlumpf, NCR's executive editor, just calls it "truth." Even though I had read several articles about this incident, I am grateful I took the time to watch that speech yesterday. Read: AOC is the future of the Catholic Church (A link to CSPAN's video of the spech is included.)

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