Copy Desk Daily, June 10, 2019

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You may have seen The New York Times article quoting our Global Sisters Report staff writer Soli Salgado, now read her take on the Nuns and Nones' six-month pilot program: At the Mercy Center, "a place where you couldn't escape spiritual wisdom," sisters and seekers learned from each other.

Yesterday was Pentecost. From Sr. Judith Best: On outdoor porch swing, my "oneness with Creation" provides a morning liturgy like none other: I can only praise a Cosmic Creator whose evolutionary artistry leaves me speechless. This is the context in which I've read a new biography on Thomas Berry.

Did you catch any of the visit ... Michael Sean Winters notes that starting with personal attacks on Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and the mayor of London, US President Donald Trump blundered his way through his trip to England, Ireland and France last week.

Agee? We have not moved beyond colonial ways of thinking and being when it comes to how we view and do work.

Crowding, deprivation, deaths ... this is the situation at the U.S. border today. The convening of Catholic lawyers for immigrants focuses on how to gain justice for the people seeking entry today.

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