Copy Desk Daily, March 30, 2020

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(NCR photo/Teresa Malcolm)
(NCR photo/Teresa Malcolm)

Our team of copy editors reads and posts most of what you see on the websites for National Catholic Reporter, Global Sisters Report and EarthBeat. The Copy Desk Daily highlights recommended news and opinion articles that have crossed our desks on their way to you.

The poet Mary Oliver put it: "It is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in the broken world." This month's The Life feature on Global Sisters Report asks panelists about their experiences of brokenness and healing, and what spiritual paths they have taken in order to be made whole.

Americans don't like to talk about death, but experts say these are discussions we need to have. "Now, more than ever, is the time to try to open up these kinds of conversations around fears of death and dying and what that means. For many, doing that during a pandemic might be way beyond their capacity, but when is a better time?" The news is forcing us to confront our fears, as the pandemic narrows Americans' cultural distance from death and dying.

It's a time of frightening uncertainty, and as public fears spiral, living in the day is time-tested wisdom, says columnist Ken Briggs. "Tomorrow's crisis isn't yet here; renewal of ourselves is today's job."

From GSR's worldwide pool of columnists, Presentation Sr. Frances Hayes brings the coronavirus view from Australia. It put on hold her move to a new ministry in Thailand, leaving her future unknown, but she needs to keep living her life in the meantime, she reflects. "I am reminded that God didn't send the virus, but as in all things, can use it to bring about change. I also choose to use this time."

Looking for some movies, documentaries and TV shows to watch? Check out EarthBeat Weekly for an eco-streaming guide while we're cooped up by coronavirus.

In news over the weekend, the Vatican confirms: Member of papal residence positive for coronavirus. The resident of Casa Santa Marta, where Pope Francis also lives, has been recovering at a Rome hospital.

Michael Sean Winters asks: Will Trump be the first president reelected during a full-blown recession? No matter what kind of mess we're in, it still may all depend on how the Democrats approach the 10% of voters who don't pay much attention to politics.

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