Copy Desk Daily, Sept. 4, 2020

Recommended for you today, from the National Catholic Reporter / Global Sisters Report / EarthBeat copy desk:

After roughly two months without solid food, the mother of a deceased Duquesne University student persists in a hunger strike. Her goal: to reform the university's campus police and investigative practices at the Pittsburgh Catholic school, which insists it is already making such changes. It's been almost two years since Dannielle Brown's son, Marquis Jaylen "J.B." Brown, died on campus. Hear from her in this story reported by NCR Bertelsen intern Madeleine Davison.

Former Bishop Michael Bransfield's response to the charges against him is egregious. The people of God in West Virginia are right to demand more than rationalizations and defense of the indefensible. This is the latest NCR editorial.

More opinion, from columnist Michael Sean Winters: Law and order are related to justice; Joe Biden recognizes that keeping America safe requires more than bemoaning a storefront that has been vandalized while ignoring the justified anger that led to it. Read: Our morally unserious president on display in Kenosha.

Friday means letters to the editor on NCR, voices of our readers and multifaceted opinions! This week: Your thoughts on Kamala Harris as Veep pick

On GSR, Friday means Horizons, columns by a rotating panel of younger women religious. Always a good read. This week, Susan Rose Francois, member of the Congregation Leadership Team for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, writes: Quicksand. It's an image that itself has been stuck in my mind and heart in recent months. During this election season, our national discourse keeps getting stuck in traps of division, discord and cognitive dissonance." With this metaphor, there is a way out.

Did you know that EarthBeat's "Lens on Creation" reflections (visual + written) are available in both English and Spanish? We encourage you to share them with people you know. Today's is about hummingbirds!

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