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Here is some news that broke on Saturday:

High school students pledge to take on politicians who take money from the NRA. Stay tuned for more on this.

Want to get involved? 7 Actions You Can Take to Prevent Gun Violence

Michael Sean Winters thinks Baltimore Archbishop Lori's pastoral on Martin Luther King Jr. and nonviolence is timely, engaging. Winters writes: "Regular readers will know that I have had my disagreements with Lori in the past. And, consequently, it gives me the greatest of pleasures to commend him for this pastoral letter."

Archbishop of Erbil tells a Georgetown audience: Christians in Iraq are 'scourged, wounded, but still there'

Commentary from Global Sisters Report: Presidents Day takes place amid US struggles with division, identity

Nasese, Fiji -- Seminary students do their bit for environmentalism

Analysis: Being religious doesn't make you greener. When it comes to the environment, American Christians are divided along political lines.

How Industry Has Taken Over Scott Pruitt's EPA Most of its "deregulatory" actions and planned initiatives match up with specific industry requests.

Pocatello, Idaho -- A small team of Holy Spirit Catholic School students has been working with city officials to improve the wetland on First Avenue in Pocatello.

George Weigel says, Pope Francis Is Playacting Realpolitik. When it comes to the Vatican's diplomacy with China, and other authoritarian governments, Francis is operating under on a century-old fantasy of its worldly power, Weigel says.

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