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Gaudete et Exsultate, "Rejoice and Be Glad." Pope Francis releases exhortation: a call to become holy by serving others

Syria's Bashar al-Assad allegedly used chemical weapons in Douma. Homeland security adviser Tom Bossert told ABC's This Week that the U.S. will not rule out a missile attack in response. Writing in The Guardian, Patrick Wintour says, Syria will see US price for chemical attack as worth paying. Whether Trump opts for single retaliatory act or wider response, Assad will think he is winning

ICYMI: Last week NCR ran a series of stories to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Croatian archdiocese announces suspension of a priest pending investigation (sexual abuse of minor suspected) but opts not to inform law enforcement until concluding its own investigation.

Disgraced former Catholic priest Dino Cinel — who became infamous in New Orleans when it was discovered that he had taped himself having sex with young men in a church rectory and had amassed a collection of child pornography — was stabbed to death last month in South America by a young man with whom he had a romantic relationship, according to authorities cited by international media outlets.

Agana, Guam -- New archbishop cracking-down on clergy sex abuse Technically, he is still the coadjutor, because his predecessor, accused of sexually abusing minors, hasn't formerly relinquished his position even though the Vatican has ordered his removal from office, exile. That verdict, NCR's Joshua McElwee reported last week, likely means the archbishop was not found guilty of sexual abuse, according to canon lawyers.

Yaoundé, Cameroon -- Women and men religious from all across Africa and Madagascar reflect together to strengthen religious life locally, continentally and globally. Despite struggles, African superiors plan for future of vibrant religious life

Kampala, Uganda -- Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga used the rites of Holy Thursday to very publicly welcome back two archdiocesan priests who had very publicly left the church two years ago: Return of the prodigal priests

Michelle Malkin, a commentator distributed nationally by the Creators Syndicate, is really upset with the stand Catholic bishops in the USA are taking on immigration. Her advice: "Organize a caravan of alien trespassers and seek permanent shelter at the Sistine Chapel."

Missouri's Catholic bishops weigh in on gun violence They oppose "bump stocks," high capacity magazines and allowing concealed guns in places of worship. They call for creating peace in communities through "restorative justice policies and practices" and through discussions about violence in entertainment.

"It’s been a harrowing day and a half. The Easter joy we felt last Sunday has made way for shock, grief and disbelief," Anglican Priest Marie-Louise Ternier told her congregation in Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada. The region is mourning the deaths of 15 members of the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team killed in a fatal bus crash.

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