Pope's quotes: The path to follow

A quote from Pope Francis:

"Merciful love is the only path to follow. How much we all need to be a little more merciful! Do not gossip, do not judge, do not pick at others with envy and jealousy. … We must forgive, be merciful, life our life in love. This love ensures that Jesus' disciples do not lose the identity that they have received from Him, and that they acknowledge themselves as sons and daughters of the same Father. In the love they practice in their life, may there reverberate that Mercy that will never end. But do not forget that mercy is this: forgiveness and giving. This is how we enlarge the heart: with love. Selfishness and anger diminish the heart and make it hard as stone. … If you prefer a heart full of love, be merciful."

— General audience, Sept. 21, 2016

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