Pope's quotes: 'I must change'

A quote from Pope Francis:

"How often we say: 'I must change, I can't go on like this. … My life, on this path, will not bear fruit, it will be a useless life and I will not be happy'. How often these thoughts come to us. … And Jesus by our side, with His hand outstretched, says to us, 'Come, come to me. I will do the work: I will change your heart, I will change your life, I will make you happy.' … Jesus is with us and invites us to change our life. It is He, with the Holy Spirit, Who sows in us this restlessness, to change our life and to become a little better. Let us follow the Lord's invitation without resistance, because only if we open ourselves up to His mercy will we encounter the true life and true joy. We must merely throw open the door, and He will do all the rest. He does everything, but we must open the door of our heart so that He can heal us and help us go ahead. I assure you that we will be happier."

-- Jubilee audience, June 18, 2016

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