Kathleen Sebelius

What Obama should say tonight


The State of the Union speech is, admittedly, one of the worst speeches to have to deliver on the planet. Every White House speech-writer will tell you they begin with the idea that, this year, the speech will not turn into a laundry list, but each year, a laundry list it becomes. Additionally, since these speeches have been broadcast, the president has two audiences, the members of Congress in the room and the television audience outside, and it is often difficult to speak to both groups at the same time.

The Pentagon deserves the same scrutiny as Obamacare


Congress took Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to the woodshed for the online health care sign-up disaster. And it's true: Lots of mistakes were made for a lot of reasons.

I heard one retired weapons procurement officer explain that other departments can't sidestep government contracting requirements the way the Department of Defense can. He and others have said Congress doesn't permit incremental development of projects, from mass transit to, apparently, health care. Full-blown rollout is the standard.


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