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volunteers1.jpgService can bring generations together
By Brian Roewe

Young and older Americans are on a collision course. By 2030, census figures anticipate the two groups —  children and people age 65 and over — will each constitute 22 percent of the U.S. population. Representing almost half of all Americans, some have identified a need to bring the groups together, not only to forge understanding but also to fortify local communities. ... NEWSPAPER ONLY

volunteers2.jpgPeace Corps volunteers say they learned about universality of church
By Andrew Nelson, Catholic News Service

ATLANTA . In the beginning, Monica Oliver figured with her college education and her upbringing in the United States, she’d help transform a poor community. The Jesuit-educated Oliver was a Peace Corps volunteer living in Mali. She worked with women entrepreneurs in the West African country to start small businesses. But looking back, she knows it was the community that transformed her. ... NEWSPAPER ONLY

volunteers3.jpgA village of volunteers
Acts of kindness propel the work of one of NJ’s largest anti-poverty organizations
By Patricia Lefevere

What began as a soup kitchen, named Eva’s Kitchen, founded by a Catholic priest and lay volunteers 32 years ago has grown into one of the largest and most comprehensive anti-poverty organizations in New Jersey. The fourfold mission of Eva’s Village consists of feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, treating the addicted, and providing primary medical and dental care to the poor. In recent years, it has added a Workforce Development Program to help the unemployed find jobs. ... NEWSPAPER ONLY

volunteers4.jpgEra of Francis a kairos for Catholic volunteers
By John L. Allen Jr.

Without a doubt, the surge in Catholic volunteerism since your network was founded in 1963, now encompassing some 20,000 volunteers serving annually — and, of course, those are only the ones you know about — is among the “signs of the times” in the life of the church. ... NEWSPAPER ONLY

Study: Former volunteers still giving
By John L. Allen

WASHINGTON . Former participants in the Catholic Volunteer Network have remained involved in church and civil work long after their service commitment was done, according to a study released Nov. 8. ... NEWSPAPER ONLY