GSR looks back on 2014

The media are busy summarizing the year: world events, best movies, best books, celebrity lives, who has died. Markers of time. Every year’s ending affords an opportunity for a life review, a gratitude review. Where has life taken us? What have been the blessings of the year?

The mission of Global Sisters Report is to raise the voices of women religious around the world. When we embarked on this adventure, we didn’t know where it would take us. We still don’t. But we knew we wanted to carry compelling stories about women religious, their ministries and the critical issues facing them and the people they serve.

And we also knew we wanted to hear directly from women religious themselves. So at year’s end, we at GSR pause for our own gratitude review of the sister columnists who gave generously of themselves. They have blessed us all with their insights and wisdom.

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