An icon to contemplate this Lent

Sincere Smith, 2, pictured on the cover of the Feb. 1, 2016, issue of TIME magazine. (Cover photo by Regina H. Boone of the Detroit Free Press/magazine photo Nancy Sylvester)

I first saw the child in the Detroit Free Press as the news was breaking regarding the Flint, Michigan, water crisis. His face wouldn't leave me. I placed his picture where I pray so I could contemplate it.

Then the February 1 issue of TIME magazine had that picture on its cover. His face with the caption —The Poisoning of an American City — has become an icon to me of what happens when we forget the human connections with nature and make economics the highest priority in decision making.

Religious icons are sacred, holding an energy that is communicated to the observer. They reveal much more than what is depicted.

Accompany me as I share what was revealed to me as I prayed with this icon.

Look at his brown eyes. I see him peering out at me, at all of us who are looking. I see inquiring eyes asking us — what is my future? What is our future?

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