Iowa Catholic school students help peers in Africa one sole at a time

Students at Spalding Catholic School in Granville, Iowa, trace, cut and put fabric pieces in shoe sets for children in Africa on Oct. 22. (CNS/Globe/Renee Webb)

Granville, Iowa — Students at Spalding Catholic School in Granville traced, cut and put fabric pieces in sets, but they weren't busy with some elaborate art project.

They were participating in a shoe-cutting party to benefit African children through the Sole Hope project, whose main goal is to provide closed-toe shoes so jiggers do not cause foot-related diseases.

Jiggers burrow into feet and lay eggs that multiply and damage tissue, causing pain and infections that may lead to amputation and even death.

Kris Full, Spalding religion teacher, learned about the project on Facebook. The organization also has a website, Based in Salisbury, N.C., the organization was founded by a married couple, Asher and Dru Collie, to help children in Uganda.

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