The keepers and spreaders of the light

It’s the mothers and grandmothers who push and pull Catholicism from one generation to the next.

Last year, our son Nick -- who is 27 and has autism -- received his first holy Communion at St. Mary Church here in Anacortes, Wash. Nick was the first disabled adult to participate with the formation class of 7-year-old children, as he was at that time developmentally about 7 years old himself (NCR, May 22-June 4, 2015.)

Since Nick walked up to the altar with his much shorter peers and accepted his first host onto his tongue, many miraculous things are happening, both inside him and around him.

Nick became something of a celebrity in our parish. He literally stood out in the May ceremony, as he was about two feet taller than the other participants. When Nick's experience was featured in a September 2015 article in Northwest Catholic -- the Seattle archdiocese's monthly magazine -- our new pastor introduced him to the congregation at Sunday Mass. Nick's jumping up and waving with a huge cheesy grin seems to have enhanced his fame.

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