LCWR speaks out on end of Vatican oversight

by Dawn Cherie Araujo

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In a statement released this morning, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious acknowledged the pain and public humiliation they experienced during the six years they were under Vatican review, but they said they hoped the process would be a valuable learning experience for both the wider church and community.

This is the first time LCWR has spoken publicly since last month’s conclusion of the Vatican oversight of their group. They had maintained public silence on the matter for 30 days, per the Vatican’s request.

"We believed that the sanctions called for in the CDF mandate were disproportionate to the concerns raised and we feared the sanctions could compromise the ability of the LCWR officers and members to fulfill the mission of the conference," LCWR leaders wrote in their statement, adding that there were times of darkness when "a positive outcome seemed remote." 

Read the full article on Global Sisters Report website. LCWR evaluates end of mandate

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