The Life: Sisters reflect on care for the Earth

Sr. Mary Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan, a Dominican Sister of Our Lady of the Rosary in the Phu Cuong Diocese in Hanoi, Vietnam, shows children a mango tree grown without using the chemicals and growth substances. (Provided photo)

Since its start three years ago, Global Sisters Report has provided a forum to "give voice" to women religious from around the world. We publish award-winning journalism about the mission and ministry of sisters, but the columns written by sisters are at GSR's heart. Now we're taking that part of our mission a step further in a new monthly feature called "The Life," an international panel of 20 sisters who write short reflections on various topics. About five or so will respond to a question posed every month.

We had so many applicants that it was challenging to select the panelists for this current round. Yet we emerged from that process with what we think is truly a representation of the "global sisterhood."

On the panel are sisters who've been in religious life for decades and one who just professed first vows this month; one from India who is serving in Zambia; an American sister who's spent most of her ministry — 50 years — in the Philippines; a sister from Nigeria in the U.S.; and a sister from Nicaragua and another from Mexico who serve their communities in Rome.

Other panelists are in Australia, Canada, Vietnam, India, Kenya, Ethiopia and the Philippines. Some head congregations and others have led religious conferences involving many communities and multiple congregations. Some minister solo; others live in community.

They assist refugees, combat human trafficking, help drug addicts, teach grade school and high school, catechism and college theology courses.

For this month's question, we turned to Pope Francis and asked the sisters this question:

Two years after the release of Pope Francis' "Laudato Si', on Care for Our Common Home" how are you and/or your community carrying out Francis' call for caring for the Earth?

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