Nuns on the Bus 2016: Lemonade ministry

Some of the Nuns on the Bus and their "Peace Team" with the wagon for Lemonade Ministry (Jennifer Wong/Courtesy of NETWORK)

Global Sisters Report brings you special coverage during NETWORK's 2016 Nuns on the Bus tour, which started July 11 in Wisconsin, runs through the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and concludes July 29 at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. See more photos day by day, News from the Road blogs and videos from NETWORK Lobby, the sponsor of Nuns on the Bus.

A severe thunderstorm blasted the morning sky over Cleveland on Monday as we boarded the bus for downtown. Sr. Simone Campbell described the streaks of lightning and cracks of thunder as "the sky crying that a national convention is being held here."

I am not sure the majority of Clevelanders are as excited about the Republican National Convention being here as they are about winning the 2016 NBA championship.

Some of the people we are advocating for are the people losing money this week. They are people in need of fair taxes, an increase in living wages, affordable housing and health care. Several businesses in the vicinity of the Quicken Loans Arena will be closed this week; people dependent upon a weekly income will be negatively impacted. Businesses remaining open will be difficult to reach if streets are closed. There will definitely be a crunch in some aspects of Cleveland's economy.

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