Nuns on the Bus hit the road once again 'to reclaim our democracy'

Women religious and their supporters gather in Charlotte, N.C., to greet the Nuns on the Bus in 2013. (CNS/Catholic News Herald/Patricia L. Guilfoyle)

Starting Wednesday, NETWORK's Nuns on the Bus will board a new bus to launch a campaign against the power of big money to severely damage our nation's democratic principles. This new journey is all about supporting the even bigger power of the community of U.S. voters when we all choose to engage.

Living my faith has taught me about the meaning and strength of community. We are all one body. All are important. Nobody can be left out.

In the past two years, my Nuns on the Bus journeys have deepened my understanding of what this means in profound ways. As I have traveled from state to state across our nation, I have realized that all of us are connected in ways I never expected.

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