Sister answers prisoners' calls for bail with $15,000 and a discerning eye

Holy Cross Sr. Sue Kintzele is a math instructor at Indiana University and works at Dismas House, a ministry that helps people recently released from prison. (Dan Stockman)

South Bend, Ind. — The calls to the convent come at all hours from relatives and loved ones of those in jail. But everyone knows not to take a message.

No, the calls of the desperate are transferred directly to Holy Cross Sr. Sue Kintzele's room, where they can leave a message on her personal voicemail. Because if you want out of the St. Joseph County lock-up and can't make bail, it's Sister Sue's eyes you're going to have to look into and make your case.

In many Indiana counties, there are bail bondsmen, people who will -- on your good name or collateral -- help put up the money to bail you out should you run afoul of the law. Show up for court as ordered, the court returns your bail and the bondsman is paid back at a profit.

But in St. Joseph County, there are no bail bondsmen -- there is only Kintzele.

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