Starch Man and I go nutritious

(Dreamstime/Raluca Tudor)

We Americans have been criticized for being an overweight country, with fast food chains and TV-watching being the most often-named culprits. But it all starts in our heads, really.

I know this, because I am a super genius, as well as being the mother of a superhero.

My son Nick -- who is 28 and has autism -- received a blue T-shirt for his birthday with a big red "S" on the front. Now, most folks assume that represents Superman. But for Nick, it actually stands for: Starch Man!

Faster than a melting caramel. Able to leap tall piles of pasta in a single bound.

It's a popcorn-eating bird. It's a sugar-high plane. Pizzas tremble at the sound of his name. It's ... Starch Man!

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