Resist barbarism in the White House


In his encyclical "The Gospel of Life," St. John Paul II warns, "Freedom negates and destroys itself and becomes a factor leading to the destruction of others, when it no longer respects or recognizes its essential link with the truth."

Given the so-called post-fact, post-truth world exemplified by the new U.S. president who openly disdains objective truth, we live in a new dark age where the essential link between truth and freedom is at risk.

The wider church can learn from Latin America


There is a general recognition of the energy generated by the methodology and theology of the Latin American church. Where does this sense of something new come from and what does it mean for our church? What we should not expect is a series of new authoritative pronouncements or dogmas, nor a denial of the existing ones. Rather, what we might expect is a new way of being church, a church very much involved in and related to the ordinary, daily life of our universe.



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