Economic inequality

Sixty-two billionaires now own as much wealth as 'the bottom half of humanity'


Global inequality is reaching “new extremes,” according to a report released  Monday by Oxfam, an international confederation of organizations working to find solutions to poverty. 

The organization’s annual study of inequality was released just before the start of the the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

It found that 62 billionaires now own as much wealth as “the bottom half of humanity,” or roughly 3.6 billion people.

Obama speaks before police chiefs: says cops get ‘scapegoated’ for broader societal failings


Speaking before the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Chicago on Tuesday, President Barack Obama gave a wide-ranging speech touching on the issues of criminal justice reform, distrust between cops and communities of color, gun control, law enforcement funding, the drug trade, police brutality and viral videos.

Economic progressives v. racial justice progressives?


Is a split emerging between "economic progressives" and "racial justice progressives"? 

The American Prospect's Rachel M. Cohen approached the subject in a recent post responding to an article written by Dara Lind of Vox about Bernie Sanders' controversial response to Black Lives Matter protestors at Netroots Nation, a progressive political convention held two weekends ago. 



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