Ethical principles in robots: a possibility?


I'm in Wisconsin with my family, with members from as far away as Alaska. Monday morning on the deck, eating banana bread, my brother-in-law Tom raised the question of whether we can instill ethical principles in robots. My sister said we humans still control the robots, but Tom said not necessarily. At this point, we can always unplug them. However, at what point will a drone be able to decide to preserve itself, say, from an attempt to take control of the motherboard?

Pope: Corruption is easiest 'sin at fingertips' of anyone with power


For everyone who has any kind of authority over others, the one sin "at your fingertips" is the sin of corruption, Pope Francis said.

And "the martyrs of corruption" -- those who end up paying the price for the politicians, financiers and church officials who abuse their power -- are the poor and the marginalized, he said during his early morning Mass Monday in the Domus Sanctae Marthae, where he lives.



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