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Francis puts a new sign on his door: 'No whining'


Pope Francis has placed a new sign on the door of his room in the Vatican's Domus Sanctae Marthae hotel. "No whining" it reads, warning that offenders "are subject to developing a victim complex, resulting in a lowering ... of their capacity to solve problems."

"The penalty is doubled whenever the violation is committed in the presence of children," the sign advises, adding: "To be your best you have to focus on your own potential and not on your limits, so stop whining and act to make your life better."

The Price of Gluten


The Vatican has just warned that gluten-free communion wafers are invalid -- no more effective than an Oreo cookie. Of the casuistry behind that I have no doubt. From wherever wafer standards were derived,  I'm certain they remain on the books for modern seekers. But obeying the precise letter of that law may inadvertently hand other churches a competitive advantage.



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