Roger J. Griggs

I was blessed with an amazing husband for 51 and a half years. The Lord blessed us with four beautiful children and six grandchildren. My husband loved to climb mountains and travel. Ten years ago he had rectal cancer, fought for his life. He was in bed for over year with three operations, chemo and radiation. He fought the battle bravely. At one time I could not stand to hear him cry out to the Lord. I went to another part of the house. I told the good Lord if he needed him home I would release him to Him. He told me who do you love the most. I said you Lord. He told me I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU. So here I am not with my husband, he is with the Lord but where does my strength come from, truly I feel the presence of the Lord is with me, his lonely servant. He holds my heart and my husband also. I believe in angels. I do a daily gratitude walk and praise Him for all he has blessed me with. Others have sent me food, flowers and groceries, nourished my body, but truly our Heavenly Father is nourishing my soul, so I can be the best version of myself.
Submitted by Rosemary Griggs, Frankfort, IL