John K. Pastor

John and I were classmates for 9 years in the 1960's from high school through a year of novitiate and on through graduation from Catholic University of America. We were roommates in the '64-'65 school year. We were friends who lost track of one another over the years. John was a wonderful man. He was a strong basketball player. He was an amazingly hard-working student, second in our class. He was a loving son and brother. He was deeply spiritual and not in the lovey-dovey pious way. Most of all, he was one of kindest people in our class. He never married. Since I learned of his death from COVID-19 on 13 April, I've been wondering if his single status put him more at risk - logistically or psychologically - for this horrible disease. In the final analysis, though, I know he is with God.
Submitted by Edward H Hawkins, Martinsburg, WV