Dr. Thomas A Kirk

My brother Tom fought for those most in need as Commissioner for Mental Health and Substance Abuse in the State of CT for 14 years. Tom retired in 2009. At his farewell event he wrote "I will forever remember and be in awe of those I have met along the way these past 14 years. They have met the challenge of their mental illness and /or substance use through their strong will and resilience who have helped thousands of people and families in Ct recover their lives and thus continue to regain control of their lives.” Tom – husband, dad to Mike and Jess, brother to Clare and I and Uncle to all my nieces and nephews, grandnieces and nephews was the BEST! Tom was a listener and a deeply sensitive person to anyone who knew him – at work, home and with all the family. In his retirement years, Janet/wife who was an artist and Tom toured many an art museum and beyond. He also became the family’s Chronicler as he made calendars of every families’ birthdates, weddings, my profession, etc. Tom was an “archivist” in his own way as he kept photos, letters and important dates for all of us. He even saved letters that he and my deceased sister Marie wrote back and forth when he was at college. In his retirement years, he reconnected with classmates at St Vincent College, PA and Catholic University in DC. Family and Friends including those he worked with were gift and he continued to nourish that til COVID ended his life on 4/9/20 only 9 days after Janet died of COVID 19. RIP dear brother! You left a legacy of love and commitment for all of us.
Submitted by Sister Patricia Kirk, OSB, Lutherville, MD