Volunteer for the National Catholic Reporter

We offer an informal and fun environment with lots of free parking if you work on site. We also have projects that can also be done off-site. Consider being a part of our work and our mission.

Web Explorer for Advertising: Do you like to dig around on the Web?
Help us find potential advertisers for our print and Web publications. You do the research and we take it from there making the contact and calls. We need a volunteer who loves to research and explore new places on the Web.

Love to read? Wanted: History Buff
Do you love reading history...and the smell of newspapers?
We need volunteers to research our newspaper archives for stories and events that happened during our publication's 50-year history. Join us for a trip back in time! The endless cups of coffee are on us!

Gratitude Ambassador: Just say "Thanks"
Seeking a friendly person to call donors and simply express our gratitude for their support. No selling; no campaigning; just saying THANKS.

Help: Is there a Plant Doctor in the house?
Do you have a green thumb? Do you mind getting your hands dirty? Can you help us get green?
Do you know the best places for indoor plants to grow? Can you transplant plants we have? We want to spruce up our office space and get rid of artificial plants (Yuck!) by adding live ones in appropriate window locations. We need an advisor who knows plants and sunlight exposure to help make our indoor garden beautiful with green living partners!

Gold Medal typist (can do at home)
Type staff or research notes into Word or Excel. Help us capture the suggestions of our readers. Celebrate our company’s rich 50-year history in news reporting and analysis; go back in time starting with the 1960’s. We know how important a good typist is, and we promise our undying appreciation and a Gold Medal!

Details! Details! Details! Data. Data. Data.
If you like nitty-gritty, work we like you A LOT!
If you are a stickler for details and enjoy data entry we have a place for you. We are checking and cleaning up current records in our data base to save essential data. You can even listen to music while you do this service while working in our office or at home.  

NCR Advocate: Be a local star
Join our mission in your own backyard.
This can be done wherever you live or work. Contact people in your local area and tell them the good news about NCR. Tell people what you like or even what you disagree with about our reporting, commentary and analysis, both in print and online. Offer sample newspapers to groups that meet (book clubs, social and study groups, church gatherings). Help us increase our subscription base to 50,000 subscribers by our 50th anniversary.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities or if you have other talents you would like to share, contact Denise Simeone, Director of Mission and Program Development at dsimeone@ncronline.org or 816-968-2247