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Even in Lebanon, so long at war, one does not become inured to violence or hate

Global Sisters Report Preview: Memories still haunt the people of Lebanon who have experienced war.


Must read books on women deacons

Editor's note: NCR columnist and Hofstra University professor Phyllis Zagano has suggested these books as must reads for more information about women in the diaconate....



Politicians and the lies they tell

Distinctly Catholic: Political leaders are ill-advised to lie about the big picture, and voters punish politicians who lie to them in ways that are meant to deceive the voters themselves.

Faith & Parish

It is time to free Mary and let God have her own maternal face

Simply Spirit: I recently listened to a podcast by Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, a Sister of St. Joseph, who spoke eloquently about "arguably the most celebrated woman in the Christian tradition."

The learning of two different cultures

From Where I Stand: We can take two problems in America, the lack of jobs and the need for infrastructure, and combine them to make our country truly greater.


Religious leaders need sabbaticals

A small c catholic: I hope faith communities will find ways to provide refreshment and restoration for their own clergy.


Wounded soldier's family lives with impact of war daily

The Field Hospital: As Memorial Day approaches, Fran Wesseling speaks with authority on war's devastation; her son, retired Maj. Darren Baldwin, lives with irreversible ...


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