Iconography classes draw non-Orthodox in search of spiritual images

Orthodox iconography: "The Byzantine Orthodox iconography is not just an 'art,' it’s a sacred art," Theodoros Papadopoulos, Greek icon expert, explains. 

Editorial: Raise your voice in defense of creation

Editorial: We must begin to act differently, to live differently, and to think differently about the Earth and our relationship to it.

Time for compromise on gay rights and religious freedom

Faith and Justice: The struggle between activists for gay rights and religious freedom has been presented as a zero-sum game where no compromise is possible.


Catholic church could play larger role in a post-Fidel Castro Cuba

Cuban Catholic church: The relationship between Fidel Castro and the Cuban Catholic church has been a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs, though it has noticeably improved in recent years...

Standing Rock activists see Pope Francis as spiritual ally

Dakota Access Pipeline: Does Pope Francis have a position on the Dakota Access Pipeline? That’s one question he hasn’t been asked, and he might demur if pressed on such a specific issue....

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