Editorial: Complicity harmed church’s cultural standing

We say: The distortion of Christianity in America for political purposes took hold in its latest form with the development of the religious right.

Amid Philippine anti-drug war, Sr. Nenet Daño shepherds drug users, pushers

Global Sisters Report: Depending on who is counting, the anti-drug war has claimed from 2,000 to 7,000 plus lives, both in police operations and vigilante-style or extrajudicial killings,...

There goes the neighborhood

Just Catholic: The U.S. withdrew from the Paris Agreement and an iceberg the size of Delaware broke off from Antarctica. As one penguin said to another, "There goes the...


The clergy's task is unfinished in confronting sex abuse

Commentary: There has been a psychic numbness at the heart of clerical culture that has enabled it to keep the most unsettling truths of the scandal at bay. 

Not all violent rhetoric is condemned equally

Young Voices: In overlooking President Trump's culpability in violent rhetoric, Bishop Robert Barron is playing into the partisan narrative that certain sins are worse when certain people...

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