Francis tells US, North Korea to cool nuclear tensions, seek mediation

Francis to world leaders from papal plane: "A prolonged war would destroy ... a big part of humanity," he warned. "Let us stop ourselves. Let us search for a diplomatic solution."

Pope Francis and Coptic pope agree not to re-baptize

Cairo: Francis and Tawadros signed the surprise declaration at the Orthodox St. Mark Cathedral, a significant step forward in relations between the Roman Catholic and Coptic Orthodox...

Abortion litmus test: Democrats slide back into culture-war politics

Distinctly Catholic: The "Unity Tour" for the Democratic Party is not going well, as the party appears ready to alienate pro-life voters instead of sticking to building a more...


If we say we hear Jesus' voice, are we committed to the truth?

Commentary: Jesus' identity is grounded in truth. And that has something important, and perhaps discomfiting, to say about faith, science and public policy — especially regarding climate...

Q & A with Sr. Colette Hamza, building bridges between Christians and Muslims

Global Sisters Report: Sr. Colette Hamza, a Sister of St. Francis Xavier, lives close to Marseille, France, where a quarter of the population is Muslim.


Bill McKibben talks faith on his way to the Climate March

Environmentalist Bill McKibben headlines the People's Climate March on the National Mall April 29, where he will forcefully make the case that the Earth hangs in the balance.


The path of life

Spiritual Reflections: The Emmaus narrative is a clear reminder of the Christian reality that we are nourished by the Lord from two tables: the table of the word and the table of the Eucharist...

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