An estate plan for the Earth

For religious communities, real estate is an important asset that could provide significant revenue if sold for development. But many Catholic congregations are choosing to conserve some of their land permanently as part of their commitment to care for creation.

People in New York City block a street in Manhattan pretending to be dead during a Sept. 17 climate change protest. (CNS photo/Caitlin Ochs, Reuters)

EarthBeat Weekly: The US budget bill will have consequences for the global climate, too

Smoke from fires in California settles over the author's childhood hometown in Montana. (Michael Downs)

At Home in Creation: Keep on breathing

Catholics decry fires in Brazil and their underlying causes

Catholics in Africa celebrate Congo Basin as Earth's second lung

U.K. faith leaders issue common declaration ahead of COP26

For Iowa Catholic business leader, faith is powerful motivation for climate action

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